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tv   [untitled]    July 27, 2010 3:02am-3:32am PST

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first year, they will pay the department more than $12,000. this is subject to increases. any improvements or alterations will be approved by us and the cost will be incurred by inner- city youth. i wanted to point out a couple of small least amendments. the phrase "monday through friday of each week will be deleted to eliminate -- of each week" will be deleted to eliminate discrepancies. i want to talk a little bit about our reach. -- outreach. it was administered simultaneously. we have posted notice of our intention to lease the space and it was in newspapers on june 25.
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inner-city youth was brought to us, and has the support of dcys as well as our neighborhood based manager for the area. everybody believes that it would be an excellent tenant. they have done a terrific job of serving the youth and the community. it is supported by the community center, our neighborhood services manager, and many members of the community. president buell: maybe we will find out now if anybody disagrees with you. >> is there any public comment on this item? public comment is closed. president buell: i think at reach worked on that one. >> the chief operating officer
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is here if you have questions. president buell: i think in the interest of expediting matters, i will ask for a vote. president buell: i was going -- commissioner bonilla: i was going to make the motion. >> for god's sake, somebody make the motion. president buell: all opposed? hearing none, unanimous. >> item number 12. >> are we using the power point? i am also not going to go into too much detail about why we are choosing to permit food carts. you have heard that from the. i am delighted to tell you about the san francisco car project, a
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rotating market operating in the park. what is exciting is that it will enable the committee to assist mobile catering and entrepreneurs to grow their business through increased knowledge of marketing and mobile catering permit standards. it is a job development organization in addition to getting food trucks on our streets. but also incubates new technology systems. using twitter to let you know where your favorite food court is going to be. we will get you on that, commissioner. it is taking a lead by getting some good critical maps. and also building a larger market. the lease provisions, we are commencing this lease. we would like to commend it today and have it expire in
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october 31 of this year. there'll be a one-year extension. the locations and operating hours would be civic center plaza, the coast portion of waller street, mission playground on saturdays, and we can ask folks to come around as required for special events. there are a few land lease amendments we would need to make. we would change the name of the park. in the section for a primitive activity will be changed to require the commission's approval rather than just the general manager's approval. this is just a sampling of some of the innovative cuisine that
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will be served from the parts. we're not just talking hot dogs and pretzels. we have korean barbecue, indian food, kung fu tacos, and some really great food coming out there. the committee will be required to pay minimum based threat, a percentage of based revenue or $18,000. the first year will be 40% of gross revenues. in year to, it would be 35% of gross revenues, it 25% of the base revenue paid by vendors or participating in the program. this is been supported unanimously by the committee and our staff. president buell: i assume this is something the vendors are interested in because they don't know how the markets are going to work out yet.
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>> we want to be sensitive to merchants in the area, the community, and we wanted to get a sense of the impact the market will have. we wanted to give ourselves the leeway to evaluate the program after five months. >> is there any public comment on this item? public comment is closed. commissioners? president buell: all in favor? all opposed? it is unanimous. -- passes unanimous. >> we are here to approve the selection of a vendor for an ice skating rink in the civic center plaza. as you know, we have been looking for ways to activate the plaza, especially given the
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seasonal nature of the ice skating rink. there was only one respondent, they are experienced respondents, so that is good. they have had 38 years of experience. their mission is to provide a fun, friendly, and state recreation for children, adults, and families. not only have they been committed to providing recreation, but they make a special effort to reach out to underserved populations through providing discounted or free opportunities to skate, and they do this by partnering with the school districts and religious organizations. they see their role as getting folks out and exercising. they also spend a lot of time working with local adventures to employ the underserved use.
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the eyes -- is 120 feet by 8 60 feet. -- the ice rink is 120 feet by 60 feet. it will be managed on a fee-only basis. the infrastructure is estimated to be $500,000. they have proposed securing grant funds to cover a portion of the infrastructure necessary. they have had a number of conversations that they believe is very achievable. if they are unable to sort the commitment, they will postpone the opening until the 2011-2012 year, at which point they will be able to obtain a low-cost
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loans. the department will work with the civic center community benefit group as well as the permit and a reservation office to determine the bestrĂ¡ the best placement for the rink in the plaza, although i should note that between november and january we have very few defense at the plaza. the benefits are the activation of the plaza. in year one there is an estimated revenue of 35,000 attendees of $30,000 or more. by year five, they anticipate an excess of $350,000 in revenue coming from the department, and over five years, the estimate revenues in excess of $1 million. a percentage rate to be identified percentage
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rate to be identified it was the appointed by staff and management. the mayor's office is very much in favor of seeing this happen. >> $350,000 from sponsors. what does the sponsor get in turn for giving money to this entity? >> it might be the sort of thing where wells fargo says we want to provide $50,000 to support youth. >> my fear is seeing a blatant public advertising and the park. is there a provision in the lease that prohibits leighton
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destruction of the environment? >> i think there is a difference. we are not looking for advertising, but we will be looking for sponsors. gay pride has sponsors. >> i just want to be sure we do not have blatant advertising in our parks. fair enough? >> very fair, and you would be able to review that when we bring that to you. commissioner sullivan: we have a presentation from staffed about potential use during times other than the winter season. does this affect that? is there further thinking about that? what is the current view for that? >> we wanted to leave the option open. >> there was the option of our
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roller rink. >> we wanted to leave that open. it was not chosen. they chose not to do that. >> i have a comment. after what phil talked about with the civic center, you never went to civic center unless you were doing a civic field trip for you worked at city hall, soy do love the idea of activating the process for all ages, and i think this is -- i think this is great. >> is there any public comment? >> you like to ice skate? >> i have done it all my life. i recommend it highly. it is a healthy thing to do. it keeps kids out of trouble, and to activate this would be great. i agree. go forward with this.
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it is a healthy environment, and it will bring a lot of success to the community, because kids love that. they want to be active, and it does not require a lot of money. kids can take it advantage of it and enjoy it. >> is there any other public comment on this item? being none, public comment is closed. >> i entertain a motion. >> all those in favor? >> aye. >> opposed? hearing none. >> we're on item 14. >> this is the last item for the partnership of research
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development. as you know, the company was selected through a process to analyze the golf courses. the term began on april 1, 2003. a previous project resulted in minor findings. the department will review and comment on the draft, and a final report was issued on june 10, 2010, and tom will present those findings to you. >> when we recognized we were not going to exercise the option, i approached cady about doing an audit. i thought that would be appropriate, so the division met
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with katie and me, and we discussed the parameters we would like to have here a good they have all their ducks in a row. -- we would like to have here. they have all their ducks in a row. there were three findings i mentioned to you. they found they underpaid by $2,406 because of car rentals. currently it states that pull carts, and electric carts, need to be approved. that is a big mistake that was not caught by the staff.
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they were exhibiting good business practice. they were exhibiting good business practice by approving the cost and subtracting it and paying the taxes in a timely fashion, so that is where they came up with the $2,400. the second item was overpayment in loan interest. this was developed rightly or wrongly, and the city wrote in a provision to get a loan on behalf of the city to help pay for the furnishings of the clubhouse. we found out later that was not the thing to do, but it was
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done. this was an error on their part. they were embarrassed. they rectified us five paying too much. -- by paying too much. those items are being addressed, and the other minor findings -- one of which we are trying to work on right now. we're not supposed to reimburse late fees.
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i am not going to enumerate those reasons. the fact is some were submitted for reimbursement, and they were paid. that included late fees. we have already been reimbursed for a certain amount of that. i will reassure if there were any late fees we would take care of that, and we are talking about probably over this time, $1,500 as opposed to $7.4 million worth of invoice over two years, so it is a small amount of money, and offsetting that, the audit reported they certainly submitted all the revenue to us with the exception, and that was over $15 million. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment?
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seeing none, public comment is closed. >> entertain a motion? all those in favor? >> aye. are now in item 15. >> good evening, commissioners. i am presenting for approval of discussion to approve a movie night with amplified sound on saturday, september 25, 2010. we come to you with this because it is a first-time event at the park. it is especially sensitive because there is hospital across the street, and the movie is "the pursuit of happiness," which is filmed in the park. they did a couple things that are smart -- perf they put it on the same night as the dolores park movie night so they do not
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have an overwhelming crowd. i think you have had a chance to read it. we did get an approval level -- approval letter from the hospital. we are going to see how this goes in terms of doing them in the future. normally when we get one approval we would do another one without coming back to you, but we wanted to give the community a chance. >> i would love to get some feedback after the even to see how it goes. >> i would, too. >> is there public comment on this item? seeing none. >> we do not havea blurb. >> we have not had negative feedback. it is interesting because when i
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first said we have to do out of reach, they said, we are out to reach. there are always items. >> we should have put this at the beginning of the calendar. >> that is the reality, and they really work hard. they really did a wonderful job. >> i will move approval. >> all those in favor? >> aye. and 16, open space contingency reserve. >> good evening, commissioners. we are going to tag team this item. as you will recall, we are here to ask for your approval of the deferred maintenance project we would like to do using funding
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from the open space contingency fund for 2011. as you will recall, in february, the commission approves the request to use 50% of the available balance in the open space contingency reserve to undertake some much-needed deferred maintenance projects throughout the system. when we brought the item to you in february, we told you we would be back in front of the commission to give you the list of projects for your approval, so that is why we are here tonight. before i third reading before i turn things over, i want to note that starting in august we will be providing the commission with a monthly report that details the open space contingency reserves. looking at commissioners funding, deferred maintenance, and the general funding, so you
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can look forward to that on a monthly basis starting next month. >> commissioner harrison has a question for you. vice president harrison: on the first page, is this 50%, or that is the cost of the project? >> it is the amount we have available to spend on deferred maintenance projects in the fiscal year 2011. >> it is 50%? >> they agreed to take 50% of the existing balance, which was about $1.7 million, and 50% of the allocation into the contingency fund going forward. in 2009, there was $1.7 million available, and at the beginning of the fiscal year there will be
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another half a million dollars available, and those seats will $2.2 million. >> that represents 50%. >> it represents 50%. >> there is still some left for the commissioners. >> though you are spending on its. krasko ahead. -- go ahead. as draw serious for that. 2.2 was the target. i want to explain to the process we went through to a rise of the sorest.
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this is a collaboration, so we met repeatedly to go through the process to arrive at these projects. we first met to revere of our properties -- to review all our properties listed in our data base. some of the longer term commissioners may recall a couple years ago the department did purchase the database, and the contractor did an assessment of all the systems and all the facilities that we have. for any given building, the electrical system, the plumbing system, and then using industry standards to assign a value, which the database automatically updates annually of the facility
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ages, and as we accomplish significant repair, we enter that into the database, and it of its life cycle. -- updates its cycle. gethe two areas that their most useful are they have a title of beyond useful life were approaching, which means it accomplishes maintenance or it will be more costly to replace them then repair them, so that is where we started. from that, they went through our total managed assets database that we used to affect the
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database to find out those that had been put off for reasons either because it was too large or the complexity exceeded the scope of what our crafts accomplish and would need some sort of contractor or outside vendor to accomplish the work. we met to prioritize the project based on public safety concerns, need. we also tried to achieve some degree of geographic diversity through the city so we are not congregating in one particular neighborhood, so we can spread it out to the best of our ability. the results of that process is what you have in your package,
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and i know it is late, but i can briefly walk you through the projects. you see them listed in priority order, so you will have the site, and then you will see two columns, and then you will also seen the work is proposed to be accomplished by a maintenance crew, or if this would be allocated to the job order contract process, which is managed by the capital division. one of the key deciding points to making that decision is the city code requires a certain level of work, beyond which -- i think it is set at about 140,000. the work has to be offered at a bid. it has to be bid out, so that
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means my first priority was chinese playground and to resurface the club house rules. the clubhouse was below grade, and since that is a specialized construction combination, we need a special contractor to do that. that is actually the only basketball court in chinatown, and there's a great demand for basketball in chinatown, so this became our number one priority, and it has been there for its useful life. no. 2, it is